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Event Management Software

An event management solution is an essential asset management tool that gives you a live feed into the progress and operations of any event. Centralising and keeping track of all the assets, products and services at play can be overwhelming and lead to confusion, delays and inevitably loss of revenue. We have developed tailor solutions that keep all the data in one place and accessible from anywhere.

Task Manager

  • Assign tasks at the touch of a button. The task manager is an integrated module that allows the user to assign tasks to other users in an instant.
  • Tasks can be given special conditions to allow the user to set a expected completion date and times for each task.
  • Staff correspondence is essential here. All users can correspond by adding critical info regarding the progress of each set task until completion.

Budget Control

  • The Budget Control Module is central to your work flow. Here this single document will pull in all the data regarding the event and keep it instantly available to the user.
  • The document starts off as a quotation that is tailored to the requirements of the event. All products and services on offer are added to the quotation with costs and margins specified. All figures are editable to suit the unique circumstances¬† of the event while giving you a constant indication of your margin per item.
  • Once the notice to proceed is given, the quotation is converted into a budget for the life cycle of the event. All supplier quotations and invoices are kept here to provide the user with an instant document trail of the event.
  • Staff requirements are also added here with provisions for uniforms, transport and duty assignment.

Keep your clients profile online and centralised for all your staff to be on working off the same up-to-date client data . Physical postal address’s, contact persons, departments and special client requirements are all entered and stored here for instant access from your mobile device. Link all the events related to your clients profile with event requirements and dates summarised for your operations planning.

Keep track of all your deliveries line item by line item. Assign drivers, collection staff and vehicles to your delivery note thereby maximising your asset use efficiency. Add stock to your delivery note instantly and by a click of a button, your stock levels will adjust accordingly. Create group items that are by default added to every delivery note and then edited to suit your clients requirement.

Record, track and rate every item that is received into your inventory. Add additional documents related to the receival of the your goods i.e way bill, bill of loading etc. Store all your related documents in a single location that can be viewed or scrutinised instantly. Set-off your receiving stock record with a delivery note for when your stock being returned thereby giving every stock item a historic cycle life. This is important when you need to track where/when your stock was damaged.

Have a live stream view of what you physically have in stock. Keep track of your stock value and shelf age of every item. Run reports that will give you a graphical display of the faster and slower movers thereby giving you data to make decisions that will contribute to your sales strategy.

Here it all comes together. Quotations, invoices, delivery notes, receiving stock records, costs, sales, margins, products, services and more are stored and displayed here. All factors contributing to the success of the event are centralised here in spread sheet form. Changes to suite your clients changing requirement with all relevant re-calculations are done instantly, giving you a quicker response time.