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Horse and Game Insurance Software

This CRM offers a solution that provides you with the tools to create quotations, policies, invoicing, claim capturing and the tracking of monthly debit orders. Here the life cycle of the policy is kept in a single solution with all relating events and amendments are recorded. T&C’s are entered as a default document with every policy, that is flexible enough to be edited to the users discretion. The Ratings module is where all the premium calculations are made based on horse or species criteria. The Financials module is where all the financial documentation related to every policy or claim is stored.

Why it is special?

Even with minimal training your staff can be equipped with the tools to work in a carefully prescribed manner that confidently steers them to maintain a high level of workmanship and accuracy. This custom CRM is been constantly updated to keep up to speed with the constantly changing market and government requirements. A single back office system that was built from the ground up around the current insurers environment.


Local/cloud-based insurance solution for small to medium businesses at multiple locations. Add multiple users with variable permissions to access to perform all their required tasks from a single solution.

Create, store and amend  your horse insurance policy. Add your default terms and conditions that are editable to suit the needs of your client. Select and add policy products i.e Life Saving Surgery, Public Liability, Critical Care etc. Each item will display a default rate and premium for each product that result in the total policy premium. Policies can be billed on a monthly bases or as a single annual premium. Monthly premium debit orders are processed in conjunction with Netcash Financial Services.

Keep your clients profile online and centralised for all your staff to be on working off the same up-to-date client data . Physical postal address’s, contact persons, departments and special client requirements are all entered and stored here for instant access from your mobile device. Link all the policies related to your clients profile with a summary of their policies displayed for quick easy access.

Keep all your financial data related to the life cycle of every policy and claim in one centralised form. Here all the invoices, credit notes, receipts, claims and more are kept for you to bring up at any time. Statements are created from here to give you client a clear understanding of how their account balance is calculated.

Here the premiums ratings are created and feed into every premium calculation. Premium ratios for each horse type, age and breed are calculated over a monthly, quarterly and annual bases.

Every claim is recorded, assessed and calculated with a full breakdown of every claim. Each claim is linked to their related policy to confirm whether or not the claim is valid. From here the you are required to insert details of the claim, vet certificates, vet report, vet account etc for the claim to be processed.