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Logistics Software

This solution is centred for efficiently planning, controlling and tracking your transports. From the capturing of quotes and order management through to transport planning, freight billing and report analytics.
 The Job Card module allows you to quickly record your all the products and services assign to the particular order and then converting it to a invoice where it is finally sent to the client. Drivers are assigned their daily duties and tasks by simply logging in via their mobile device.

Why it is special?

It’s all in one place. All documents related to the order are instantly capture and save into the solution with no scanning required. Connect the logistics of your warehouse with your back office finance operation using our tailored transport solutions. We understand that transport and freight businesses can struggle with a lack of traceability, clarity on finance and a lack of integration between sales and stock control. Our supply chain suite can help you to consolidate your information for a clear view.

Great Design.

The CRM has been streamlined to be simple and easy to use for even the most novice of users. The UI has been designed to be light and fast via 4G or LTE mobile networks making it an instant login while the driver is off site. Here the driver/technician can update his daily progress out via his mobile device negating the need to phoning or texting the office for constant updates. This feature will greatly reduce your operating costs and increase your ability to keep your finger on the pulse of your staff’s daily duties.

Here would be the starting point. From here the inquiry is recorded and pursued. All details regarding the inquiry is entered and handed over to the next step in the work flow. Requirements are checked and all correspondence is entered until the notice to proceed is given.

Keep your clients profile online and centralised for all your staff to be on working off the same up-to-date client data . Physical postal address’s, contact persons, departments and special client requirements are all entered and stored here for instant access from your mobile device. Link all the events related to your clients profile with job card requirements and dates summarised for your operations planning.

Once the notice to proceed has been given for the job then the journal entry is escalated to a job card. All the details recorded in the journal entry is pulled through to the job card. Here the services and products are added as line items to the job card. Start finish times are added and once the job card is closed by the technician via his mobile device then the next job card is assigned.