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Inventory Management Software

Tracking inventory is difficult, especially if it is scattered over multiple locations. Stock life cycle management requires a management system that stores all of your products and services, including quantities, descriptions, pictures, prices, serial numbers and most importantly, all associated documentation for every item.

Essential Features

    • Re-order reminders can be set up to automatically remind the user when the reorder levels have been exceeded.
    • Live stock levels at all times.
    • Reporting, design your own report to be sent via email to you, on a regular basis.
    • The Receiving Stock module is where the details for every receivable is captured. Here the related documentation i.e SAD 500, Customs Clearing Files are stored. From here the stock is added in your existing inventory and stock levels are adjusted accordingly.
    • The Delivery Note module is where all the records of any stock leaving inventory is recorded. Here drivers are allocated, travel time and cost is calculated and vehicles are assigned to every dispatch.
    • Costs and margins are entered and calculated via preset profit margin requirements.
    • Stock grouping is a feature where the user is able to group several items to indicate that each one is a part of a kit or group.


Local/cloud-based inventory, order management, CRM and reporting system for small to medium businesses with multiple locations. Add multiple users with variable permissions, track inventory levels, prepare sales and purchase orders, sales quotes, handle inbound and outbound goods and regain overall the control of your company.

Create, email, print, save as pdf/excel, store and track all your quotations in a single location that can be accessed from your mobile device. Link your quotations sent to your staffs performance targets and future sales. Create reminders to inform the user when a quote needs to followed up on.

Keep track of all your deliveries line item by line item. Assign drivers, collection staff and vehicles to your delivery note thereby maximising your asset use efficiency. Set travel costs criteria to provide with an estimate cost that can be compared against the actual cost. Fuel cost savings are an imperative requirement that will contribute to keeping your fuel expenses down.

Record, track and rate every item that is received into your inventory. Add additional documents related to the receival of the your goods i.e way bill, bill of loading etc. Store all your related documents in a single location that can be viewed or scrutinised instantly.

Have a live stream view of what you physically have in stock. Keep track of your stock value and shelf age of every item. Run reports that will give you a graphical display of the faster and slower movers thereby giving you data to make decisions that will contribute to your sales strategy.